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          ?前4季售出超過12萬張門票,吸引了超過140,000名參與者,其中包括Gareth Pugh,Jean-Charles de Castelbajac和Georgia Hardinge等頂級設計師和藝術家的陣容 

          ?與260多個贊助商和主要合作伙伴合作,人均消費在200至500美金之間。目前已成功舉辦五季, 並將很快落地國內其他主要城市

          The only end-consumer-oriented event of the Guyu Fashion Week

          ?Brings together fashion ideas and consumer experience, and features events including fashion shows, art exhibitions, immersive experiences, industry leader forums, and integration of online-and-offline retailing. ?Sold more than 120,000 tickets and attracted over 140,000 participants with a star-studded line-up of top designers and artists such as Gareth Pugh, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and Georgia Hardinge over the first 4 seasons ?Works with over 260 sponsors and major partners. Visitor-spend per capita stands between USD200~500

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