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          About CMC TIMES

          CMC TIMES為華人文化旗下成員,自成立以來聯手華人文化強大的科技、娛樂、媒體資源共同構建青年潮文化生態圈。具有20年以上現場音樂、時尚展覽、版權引進等業務運作經驗。旗下知名項目包含全球最大電音節之一EDC的中國版EDC CHINA、上海時裝周唯一直接面向C端消費者的大型時尚狂歡節 “上海時尚周末(Shanghai Fashion Weekend)”、沉浸式親子Workshop Collection “斑馬營”、前沿都市潮音文化媒體廠牌Channel R、國內知名音樂節ZMF等。 華人時代團隊也是最早把海外頭部綜藝 IP 引進中國市場的推手之一,參與催生了《中國達人秀》、《中國好聲音》等現象級爆款綜藝娛樂產品。我們致力于創作有態度、有深度的文化內容,啟發與影響受眾認知、興趣、生活,並通過縝密的策略將內容產業鏈化,為客戶帶來商業價值。

          CMC TIMES Entertainment has successfully operated and developed multiple highly successful international and original IPs, and accumulated a lot of experiences in content creation for online and offline distribution in the genres of fashion, music, and lifestyle. Remarkably, CMC Times Entertainment, in collaboration with international partners, has brought prominent live entertainment franchises into the China market with significant commercial success and enthusiastic reviews. As a member of the CMC Inc. family, CMC TIMES Entertainment represents one major piece in the matrix of film, drama series, theater, game, sports, artist and sports agency, outdoor and indoor themed attractions, technology, and retail of CMC Inc.

          Major events and franchises under the belt of CMC TIMES Entertainment include EDC China, which is the China version of one of the world‘s largest electronic music festivals Electric Daisy Carnival; Guyu Fashion Weekend, which is the only end consumer targeted event of Guyu Fashion Week; Zebra Camp, an immersive family workshop collection; and Channel R, a cutting-edge music label and short video media brand. The CMC TIMES Entertainment team also participated in the localization of global smash hit TV show franchises such as China's Got Talent, and Voice of China.


          About CMC Inc.

          CMC Inc.華人文化集團公司是國內領先的綜合性傳媒娛樂集團,專注高質量內容資源開發,橫跨各種內容品類,縱貫線上線下運營,包括電影、電視劇(網劇)、綜藝、游戲、財經媒體、短視頻、音樂、時尚與生活方式、體育、藝人經紀、現場娛樂、劇院演藝、影院、文旅地產等方方面面,打造了一系列具有領先優勢的實力板塊組合和戰略資源生態。

          CMC Inc. is a media and entertainment conglomerate renowned for its distinctive strengths in multi-genre premium content creation, including films, drama, variety shows, news and financial media, music, fashion, lifestyle, sports, game, theatre, live entertainment, and events, and a comprehensive scope of content related businesses such as artist and sport agency, cinemas, urban recreational complexes, and outdoor and indoor themed attractions.




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